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Territorial sphere: European Union countries

This constitutes a single register with the same effects all over the European Community territory.

Any new designs and ones with a singular nature can be registered as Community Drawings or Models.

Applications for multiple designs are acceptable.

The duration is five years starting from the date of the application. The effectiveness can be extended for similar periods by paying the relevant renewal dues, up to at most twenty-five years.


An application for Community Model or Drawing undergoes the following registration process:
  • Filing the application
  • Formal examination
  • Deferral of publication (if requested)
  • Publication of the register in the Community Design Bulletin
Any decision may be appealed against


The requisites for the application for a Community Drawing or Model are as follows:
  • Details of the Applicant(s) (name, address, nationality)
  • Photographs or drawings of the Design to be registered
  • Purpose or application of the Design
  • Power of attorney form, signed by the applicant. This is not required when we already have a general empowerment accredited at the Office for Harmonisation in the Interior market
  • Name and post of the person signing the power of attorney