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Territorial sphere: See lists of countries

An International Design has effects in the countries which are members of the corresponding Act of the Hague Convention which have been designated in the application.

There are different Acts

London Act of 1934 (countries) in which registration is made for a set of countries with no specific designation and for a number of up to 100 designs. Spain belongs to this Act.

The Hague Act of 1960 (countries) in which the registration is made specifically designating each of the member countries of interest. Spain does not belong to this act.

Acta de Ginebra de 1999 en la que el registro se realiza designando específicamente también cada uno de los países miembros objeto de interés. A esta sí pertence España.

The registration of an International Design does not grant protection in the applicant’s country of origin.

The duration of an International Design is five years, with possible renewal for a second ten-year period.


The registration of an International Design undergoes the following process:
  • Filing of the application
  • Formal examination
  • Register’s decision and publication in the International Designs Bulletin
y conflict in respect of the registration must be settled by means of ordinary jurisdiction.


The requisites for registration of an International Design are as follows:
  • Details of the Applicant (s), (name, address, nationality)
  • Drawings, photographs or samples of the designs to be registered
  • Power of attorney form , signed by the applicant
  • Name and post of the person signing the power
  • Paises de interés en las actas de la Haya o de Ginebra.