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Industrial Porperty includes Trademarks, Trade names, Patents y Utility Models as well as Industrial Designs.
Trademarks are the distinctive signs by means of which a particular product or service is known and recognised on the market, and by means of which the customers identify a particular quality, price etc. Trademarks are generally the most important assets of the company.
The Trade name is the sign or denomination with which the company makes itself known on the market, regardless of its Trademarks which may or not coincide with said Trade name.
Patents consist in the right to exclusively exploit a new technology, which imply an inventive step. Patents include Invention Patents, Utility Models and other forms of protection in accordance with the local legislation in each country.
Industrial Designs are the recognition given to formal or artistic creation in the sphere of industrial reproduction. This protection is compatible with and independent from Intellectual Property Rights.
Technological Searches mean that an industrial development can be got under way starting from the latest technology published.
All Industrial Property Rights are able to be transferred to a third party


SANZ BERMELL INTERNACIONAL offers the following services in this field:
  • General advice and enquiries on specific subjects
  • Searches for trademarks and trade names, patents, designs, both in Spain, the European Union, and international level or in outside countries
  • Research work on prior art tending towards knowledge of the technique to develop R+D+I projects
  • Preparation and follow-up of applications in diverse forms, in the territorial spheres required, as well as preparation of descriptive reports, drawings and any other requisites for successful conclusion of the process
  • Technical translations, either as a part of other procedures or not
  • Administrative and judicial watching and defence or that of registered and non-registered rights
  • Reports and notifications on any action to be taken for proper maintenance of the rights acquired or being acquired
  • Audits and watching over portfolios of Industrial Property rights
  • Registration of Licences, Transfers and other modifications of rights
  • Preparation of Licensing and Rights Transfer contracts
  • Legalisation of documents for countries in which this is required