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These rights pertain to the author of a literary, artistic or scientific work merely for having created this. They are irrenounceable and able to be formally assigned to a third party. Copyright stems from this, reserving the right to copy an author’s work fully or partially.
Intellectual Property can be registered, and although its right does not stem from its registration, it proves recommendable since it constitutes proof of such creation.

In short, Intellectual Property specifically covers books, lectures, reports, musical compositions with or without lyrics, dramatic-musical works, choreographies, theatrical works, filmed work and other audiovisual works, sculptures, paintings, drawings, lithographs, strip cartoons, comics, projects, plans, models and architectural and engineering work designs, graphics, maps, photographs and similar and computer programs. Translations, reviews, compendiums and collections, musical arrangements and in general transformations of these creations as well as databases are also covered by Intellectual Property.

Copyright includes:
  • Deciding if the work has to be published and in what form
  • Determining if the publishing is to be done under their own name, under a pseudonym or anonymously
  • Requiring respect for the integrity of the work and preventing modifications of this
  • Withdrawing the work through changes in convictions


SANZ BERMELL INTERNACIONAL provides the following services in this field:
  • Advice
  • Registration entry of copyright or its modifications
  • Judicial and extra-judicial defence of registered and non-registered rights
  • Preparation of contracts for acquisition or assignment of rights